Robert J. Holtz is an accomplished expert in high technology, branding, process improvement, and corporate strategy.

Having served as a strategic advisor to some of the world's most renowned companies such as, Apple Inc., Autodesk, Coca-Cola, First Data, Hilton Hotels, IBM, Microsoft Corporation, Netscape Communications, SONY, and The Walt Disney Company, he is widely-regarded for his ability to simplify extremely complex ideas and structure initiatives that empower companies to reach their highest potential.

His career began as a young wiz kid computer programmer who became a self-made millionaire at age 17 in the late 1980's. Thereafter, time and time again, Holtz has demonstrated his eye for finding and identifying the proverbial "next wave" starting with personal computers to desktop publishing; then large computer networks leading to the Internet; e-commerce to dot-com businesses; from digital intellectual property to wireless ring tones and applications; and from video compression to digital convergence, the iPod revolution, the Metaverse, digital cinema, and other still emerging forms of entertainment and communication. Mr. Holtz is considered a key figure in the digital age phenomenon with specific accomplishments at each progressive inflection point.

In addition to his role as a corporate advisor, Holtz founded a technology holding company in 1994 which he took public via reverse merger in 1999. His continuous tenure as Chairman of the Board from the inception of the company ended in 2005 when he stepped down and selected his successor who still serves as its Chairman today. Under Holtz's management, the company raised approximately $10 million, acquired 6 other companies, and at its height achieved a market capitalization of approximately one billion dollars.  Holtz has raised over $120 million for his clients and assisted in the mergers and acquisitions of over 40 companies.

Today, Holtz has extended far beyond his roots in the tech sector having advised companies in every market space from restaurants and hospitality to music and entertainment; from personal lifestyle and publishing to new frontiers like clean energy, digital electricity, virtual worlds, social networks, and cloud computing.

He is recognized as a leading Best Practices Expert and a Certified Master Black Belt in Strategic Six Sigma (a method for large scale process improvement).  He also sits on the Board of Directors or Board of Advisors of numerous exceptional companies.



Holtz has raised over $120 million for his clients and assisted in the mergers and acquisitions of over 40 companies.

Robert J. Holtz, Founder