Maybe mission statements ARE cheesy.  But who cares?  Having a motto, an axiom, a guiding philosophy - its a powerful thing.  Great companies lay it on the line and proclaim their values:

Work Wisely.  Pledge to be demanding of yourself; to channel your efforts on worthy causes and actively advance your personal best. When opportunities emerge, apply the necessary effort and sustained concentration of energy and attention to manifest truly great things.

Have Fun.  Be deeply passionate about what you do. Pursue interesting projects and work with dynamic and creative people as often as possible. Remind yourself that life balance cannot be achieved if one fails to enjoy the awesome splendor of the human experience along the way. This sense of perspective of our role in the universe gives meaning and context to everything we do.

Make History.  Be attracted to the unprecedented. It gives us a stage to push the limits and leave our mark on the world. Every great idea was born from the unknown. Challenge yourself to shake up conventional thinking and show the world a better way.



“Everything good I have ever attracted into my life has come from affirming these ‘three pillars’ in my own mind and in the minds of those around me.”

-Robert Holtz, Founder